About Courage Group


courage group is a San Francisco-based contemporary dance company committed to creating uniquely elegant impeccably crafted dance works for all people.


Through the unapologetic use of cultural cliche, humor, high style, classical fundamentals, and unique collages of sound, courage group attracts, develops, and sustains an exponentially expanding audience. By enlisting the talents of several artists in parallel fields, we expose a larger audience to dance while fostering investigation, development, and realization of the cross-pollination of the performing and visual arts. With the goal of self-sustenance, courage group adheres to the tenet that universal metaphor and accessible movement vocabulary result in collective transformation, benefiting the organization and the audience.

company history

courage group was founded out of necessity. In 1999 Mr. Courage and the artist community faced sudden and exorbitant rehearsal space rent increases. As a response, Courage single-handedly created and produced ARTFIX. ARTFIX is a proactive approach allowing artists to “bail out” threatened performance spaces in which they make art. All proceeds from these benefits go directly to the venue in need, without complication or delay. The success of ARTFIX in 1999 led to another in 2000.  Both took place at Dance Mission in San Francisco’s Mission district.  As a result of these concerts, Dance Mission was stabilized as a viable performance venue.

These efforts honed courage group’s production and performance skills and Mr. Courage was inspired to continue on a choreographic path. Since then courage group has been invited to participate in several Bay Area dance festivals and the company has received numerous acknowledgments, including grants from the Zellerbach Family Fund, a Vision Series scholarship, and artist-in-resident grants at both Jon Sims Center for the Arts and Shotwell Studios.

Since courage group’s inception, Mr. Courage has created 35 new works performed in several San Francisco venues between 2000 and 2011, including eight evening length works: Afternoon of a Form (2003), “hi anita” (2004), The Blizz: a ballet, sort of (2006), “pressed” (2006), The Trap (2007), “pinpoint” (2008), “dirty girl” (2009), and The Dance of Listening (2010/11).

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