Todd Courage

Todd Courage

Artist Statement

I am most interested in the collective unconscious, the mystery of translating universal emotion and experience through movement, and the power of simplicity. By juxtaposing classical structure with obscure and random gestures, my objective is to engage viewers in a psychologically active and emotionally cathartic, dream-like space that is at once familiar and rare. My musical collages of seemingly unrelated pieces complement the expression of ideas that are articulated through straight lines and strict angles. I understand the classical placement of elegance and I enjoy the humor of glamour and trends.


Todd Courage (choreographer) began his training in NYC. His teachers included Lynn Simonson [jazz], Janie Brendel [modern], and Igal Perry [ballet]. He danced with Sue Bernhard Dance Works [NYC], Young Soon Kim Dance Company [NYC], Karen Bernard and the New Dance Alliance [NYC], MTV, Gary Palmer Dance Company [SF], Labayen Dance/SF, and the National Ballet of Peru. Mr. Courage has taught extensively in Europe, the Middle East, and the United States. His performance experiences include tours of Europe, Israel, Jordan, New York City, San Francisco, Peru, and Mexico. His 30 years experience as a dancer with many companies include experimental postmodern dance with The New Dance Alliance in NYC (Dance Magazine / Garafola “…Todd Courage (is) an elegant dancer…(his) virtuoso solo bristling with pent-up anger…”), to modern ballet theater with Gary Palmer Dance Company in SF (San Francisco Chronicle / Roca “Best of all was Todd Courage, who projected authority whether with arms akimbo or soaring through space.”), to the more formal expressions of the LAB Project Group/ USA. Mr. Courage has methodically been preparing himself for a career in dance making and is currently artistic director of courage group. He continues to build a diverse repertory of work in San Francisco, California.

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